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Carvin LM Series Loudspeakers Now Shipping [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
Great sound, versatility, and lightweight designs make great systems for on-the-go performers

28 March 2007 — Carvin, the name musicians everywhere look to for high quality guitars, basses, instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and sound reinforcement (SR) products, announces that the company’s LM Series loudspeakers are now shipping. Featuring four available models in both powered and non-powered configurations with a choice of 12- or 15-inch LF drivers, the LM Series loudspeakers are 2-way designs that utilize finely tuned, time-aligned enclosures—ensuring both high and low frequency program arrives simultaneously. Designed with premium components housed in lightweight, rugged ABS injection-molded enclosures that maintain their appearance through years of torturous use, Carvin’s new LM Series loudspeakers make a great choice for performing musicians and mobile DJs.

Carvin LM-12 Loudspeaker

Both powered and non-powered versions share many characteristics that make both lines top-notch performers. The LM Series loudspeakers are voiced for both Front of House mains and monitor applications. Additionally, the LM Series enclosure facilitates both vertical and horizontal orientation—making them incredibly versatile. For use as PA mains, a convenient pole cup for mounting the loudspeakers on industry-standard speaker stands or pole mounted on top of a subwoofer are provided. The LM Series enclosures also include suspension points—making them a great choice for clubs and other venues that want to hang the loudspeakers for a more permanent installation. For use as a floor monitor, the LM enclosure can lie on its side, and the cabinet’s design facilitates a built-in 30-degree angle for aiming the sound right at the performer.

Carvin LM-15 Loudspeaker

Offering premium components, the LM Series feature lightweight, high efficiency neodymium drivers and a wide dispersion, asymmetrical high frequency horn for maximum coverage. Both powered and non-powered models are available with either 12- or 15-inch neodymium low frequency woofers, coupled with a 1.5-inch neodymium high frequency driver and an asymmetrical wide dispersion horn. Neodymium drivers produce higher SPL levels than equivalent ceramic magnet drivers while reducing weight by more than half.

The LM Series’ 12-inch woofer incorporates a 2.5-inch voice coil, while the 15-inch woofer uses a 3-inch voice coil. These heavy duty voice coils facilitate greater power handling for improved reliability. Similarly, the 1.5-inch titanium diaphragm HF driver produces clear, pristine highs. By coupling the HF driver with the asymmetrical wide dispersion horn, the LM Series loudspeakers provide exceptional coverage in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

To ensure broad coverage throughout the listening space, the asymmetrical wide dispersion horn found in the LM Series loudspeakers provide wide 90-degree horizontal coverage—enabling music and dialog to be heard clearly whether the listener is on or off axis. Similarly, the LM loudspeaker’s vertical coverage is equally impressive. Sound emanates 30-degrees upward and 45-degrees downward—enabling program material to be heard clearly in the front rows as well as the back. As expected from any professional PA enclosure, the LM Series includes dual Neutrik™ combination XLR — quarter-inch “Combo” jacks.

The self-powered LM12A and LM15A are both bi-amplified—having separate power amps each for the HF and LF sections—resulting in greater clarity of sound, as the high and low sections each have dedicated power sources. In addition to the XLR balanced inputs that typically receive their signals from the master outputs of a mixer, one can also connect a Lo-Z microphone here or a Hi-Z mic via the adjacent quarter-inch input. There are even attenuation controls to help match the signal strength. Additionally, users will appreciate the XLR balanced Out/Thru connector that makes it easy to daisy-chain multiple enclosures for those bigger jobs.

For direct connections that bypass an audio mixer, both the LM12A and LM15A feature two additional inputs—one for instruments (with a level control), and a third input with its own level control that can accommodate left and right outputs from CD players and other portable music sources. To help users get just the sound they’re looking for, the LM Series active models also include 3-band EQ with mid sweep, as well as a separate instrument EQ on channel 2.

Carson Kiesel, President of Carvin Corporation, commented on the company’s new LM Series, “The new LM Series provide musicians, DJs, and others with a great sounding, lightweight, highly versatile loudspeaker system that offers the ability to be self-powered or driven by amps the user might already own. With integrated pole cups and suspension points for easy rigging, I believe these loudspeakers represent tremendous value for today’s performers.”

The new Carvin LM Series loudspeaker systems range in price from $239.99 to $429.99—depending upon the model. Carvin’s LM Series product line is currently available.
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