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BBE Sound Announces DI-50x Active DI Box

United States
5 April 2007 — New from BBE Sound, the DI-50x is a professional active DI box for touring sound applications and recording studios. Features include –15dB input pad switch, ground lift switch, electronically balanced XLR output, military spec circuit boards, extra thick, extra wide circuit board traces for unequalled electron flow; 1% metal film resistors throughout, recessed switches to reduce potential damage, along with a non-slip bottom pad to prevent slippage and ground contamination through chassis to chassis contact. Other benefits are a 48v phantom power supply or 9 volt battery use, plus 5 year warranty.

BBE Sound & Megadeth’s Glen Drover
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BBE Sound & Megadeth’s Glen Drover

5 April 2007 — Megadeth guitarist, Glen Drover, has become the newest member of the BBE artist family after trying out a variety of BBE products for both his live rig and home studio. Having taken an instant liking to the new Sonic Stomp pe …

Limited Edition Philharmonic Snare Drums From Pearl
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Limited Edition Philharmonic Snare Drums From Pearl

5 April 2007 — Same Industry Leading Features as the Maple Philharmonic Series with these special features: Single Flange Hoops for a wide open and expressive timbre Rounded Bearing Edges for a soft head feel and full round timbre S-05 …

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