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Orange Presents Thunderverb 200, 200 Watt — 2 Channel Valve Guitar Head [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
28 March 2007 — It has been a long time since Orange made it’s last 200 watt guitar amplifier made famous by Jimmy Page, but finally here it is. 200 Watts of True Clean Power that will knock you off your feet if you’re not careful...But if you’re worried that 200 watts is a little too loud do not be alarmed... we thought of that. The amp will run at 100 watts also...In fact to hear the massive 200 watts you will have to plug the amp into either 2 x PPC412’s or the high powered PPC412HP(new).

Each channel of the amp has three stages, capable of Clean and Overdriven tones, however one of the most use- ful features is the footswitchable attenuator which allows the player to preset any power amp level and foot switch it in and out making the amp extremely usable for gigging musicians.


  • Power — 200 Watts RMS into 4/8 ohms, 100 Watts RMS into 8/16 ohms
  • 2 x 3 stage Channels
  • Controls; Attenuator and Reverb for both channels
  • Channel A; Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume
  • Channel B; Gain, Shape, Volume
  • Footswitchable Attenuator
  • Footswitchable Reverb
  • Footswitchable Channels
  • Valve Driven F/X Loop
  • Valve Drive Accutronics Spring Reverb
  • Valves — 4 x 6550 Power Valves, 4 x 12AX7 Preamp Valves, 2 x 12AT7 for Reverb and F/X Loop
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