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TC Electronic Introduces C400XL Compressor│Gate [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
Risskov, Denmark - March 27th 2007 - TC Electronic introduces the C400XL, a dual gate/compressor designed for audio professionals on the road, as well as in the studio. C400XL uses advanced TC Electronic multiband dynamics technology to compress any source -- from vocals and percussion to guitars and even keyboards. The inherent transparency of the multiband compressor brings out the qualities of the source material, yet secures a firm and consistent level. The optimized and fast gate offers a click free and high precision gating of any source. C400XL will ship in Spring 2007 and retails at EUR 320 excl. VAT.

The C400XL stands out in three distinct areas that make it the ideal unit for live and studio use. The sound quality is ensured by source-based multiband compression and fast gating. The unit is adaptable to any source, analog or digital, and a gate, compression or a combination can be easily applied. And finally, the source-based compression, intuitive user interface and mix knob for parallel compression makes for an easy-to-use unit that produces high-resolution results.

Like TC Electronic’s C300, the C400XL features a TC Electronic exclusive “Mix” knob allowing parallel compression without complicated routing schemes. To assure smooth operation, C400XL is equipped with high resolution input, gain reduction metering and threshold LED indication. Choose between true dual-mono for superior channel separation, stereo or serial operation. C400XL features brickwall limiting for peak stop and hot level prevention.

C400XL is the ideal choice for parallel compression, gating and/or compressor applications. A C400XL channel transforms from multiband compressor to gating and back with the flick of a switch. Gate and compressor functions can be serial or parallel at the choice of the engineer, thus allowing combinations of compressor and gate giving tight and snappy impact sound. Balanced Analog (XLR) and Digital AES/EBU (XLR) connectors make C400XL the perfect high-end compression/gate to complement both analog and digital consoles.
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