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TC-Helicon Debuts VoiceTone Vocal Effects Pedals For Singers [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
Risskov, Denmark — March 27th 2007 - TC-Helicon is pleased to introduce VoiceTone, a line of vocal effects pedals designed specifically for performing singers. VoiceTone pedals were developed to give vocalists the ability to control their tone the same way guitarists do through stomp boxes and multi-effects rack units. The first two pedals in the line are VoiceTone Create, a multi-effects pedal, and VoiceTone Correct, a pitch correction and adaptive EQ/dynamics pedal. Both new pedals will ship in July 2007 and retail at EUR 230 excl. VAT.

VoiceTone Create is a studio quality multi-effects pedal for voice that includes 99 preset combinations of reverb, tap tempo delay, thickening/microtuning, distortion and even telephone/megaphone effects to inspire creativity. The straightforward controls, A/B effects switching and simple radio button preset selections are easy for singers to use while performing. The fully produced vocal mix can be selected by effect type or music genre to facilitate creative operation.

VoiceTone Correct combines pitch correction with adaptive tone and dynamic shaping in a single pedal. Effects include auto-chromatic pitch correction, an adjustable auto-smooth compression, de-essing and multiband auto-shape EQ to dynamically sweeten raw mic sounds.

The adaptive algorithms developed at TC-Helicon help generate a natural and intelligible vocal tone by compensating for microphone type and technique.

The new single control pitch correction helps singers sing more in tune. The algorithm has been developed using the same physiological principles that allow a metronome to help musicians play in time. VoiceTone Correct also includes a warmth setting for rich lows on deep voices.

Each VoiceTone pedal features a studio quality mic preamp with phantom power, XLR mic level I/O, complete metal construction and superior audio quality from input to output.

About TC-Helicon:

TC-Helicon is focused on the mission to revolutionize the vocal channel by providing innovative tools and solutions for performing and recording artists and audio professionals who create and work with the speaking and singing voice. Customers include the most demanding of live performers, studios, producers, broadcasters, game developers and recording engineers.

The range of products spans from high-end 2nd generation human voice modeling and maximized speech intelligibility aimed at studio applications, to affordable harmony processors with real-time pitch correction for live use. Additionally, TC-Helicon supplies plug-ins for the PowerCore and Pro Tools platforms enabling renowned harmony and voice modeling processing in DAWs.
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