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TC Electronic Announces Vintage Octa Screamer Pedal [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
Risskov, Denmark – March 27th 2007 – TC Electronic announces a new member of its Vintage Series of analog pedals: The Vintage Octa Screamer. The Octa Screamer is a modern design that improves and enhances the coveted tone of the original octavia pedals, while eliminating the gating problems at low volumes associated with the original design. The Vintage Octa Screamer will ship in summer 2007 and will retail at EUR 180 excl. VAT.

The Octa Screamer produces an octave above the original pitch including all the harmonics and overtones of the guitar signal. The result is odd, even and inter-modulated distortion. The Octa Screamer also features a Mix knob that allows the user to blend in the octave effect while still preserving the fuzz distortion. Turning the Mix knob fully to the left will remove the octave effect entirely, which turns the pedal into a great sounding fuzz box.

A selectable transistor treble booster circuit providing up to 30 dB of boost is also built into the pedal. The circuit is voiced in such a way that it boosts the frequencies that the Octa Screamer circuit works best with. When activated, it will produce an even more pronounced octave effect, while the filtering will get rid of some of the “harshness” of the octave effect.

The TC Electronic Vintage pedal series also includes the Vintage Compressor, Vintage Tremolo, Vintage Overdrive, Vintage Distortion, Vintage Dual Distortion, Vintage Bass Distortion, Vintage Tube Primer, and Vintage Delay pedals.
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