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Pearl’s Upgrades Masters To Masters Premium Series

United States
28 March 2007 — The Pearl Masters Premium Series offers the discerning player precision, beauty, innovation and options. This special order series offers the choice of 4 ply or 6 ply 100% Maple or 100% Birch shells constructed using Pearl’s exclusive SST Superior Shell Technology manufacturing process. All Pearl shells carry a limited lifetime warranty. Upgrades include a revolutionary new swivel tube lugs on the snare drum and the new Masterworks/Reference style aluminum Optimount mounting system, leg brackets on floor toms and Masterworks style bass drum spurs and claws. An innovative new concept in airhole placement fits each shell with vents specifically based on the legendary concept of the Golden Ratio that has shaped craftsmanship throughout the ages. Mastercast die cast hoops and Pearl’s exclusive Optimount mounting system are all standard. The beauty lies in the form of choice hand rubbed lacquer finishes or vintage wrapped finishes to fit your taste and style.

MMP — 100% Maple with high gloss lacquer finishes

MRP — 100% Maple with vintage wrapped finishes

BMP — 100% Birch with high gloss lacquer finishes

BRP — 100% Birch with vintage wrapped finishes

With Masters Premium, Pearl has done the math so you don’t have to think, just play.
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