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Dynacord presents the PowerH High - Performance Power Amplifiers

United States
A new chapter in the history of professional high-performance power amplifiers has begun. The PowerH power amplifier series represents another milestone in the 60 - year pro audio tradition of Dynacord.

Straubing, 29 March, 2006 - DYNACORD has long been established worldwide as a manufacturer of professional power amplifiers of the highest quality and has consolidated its position at the top end of the market through many innovations and a reputation for absolute reliability. A far from insignificant role in all this has been played by our largest OEM customer and sister company, Electro - Voice. For years, power amplifiers from Dynacord / EV have been used in large and very large audio systems - whether installed or touring - all over the world. Today there are literally thousands of amplifiers made by Dynacord powering major productions in all four corners of the globe and demonstrating time and again their superlative quality and legendary reliability.

The demands imposed upon modern power amplifiers are enormous: they are expected to combine very high power, minimal weight, outstanding audio characteristics, absolute reliability, remote monitoring and control, and networking.

H 5000

  • 2 x 2500W / 4Ω
  • 2 x 3500W / 2Ω
  • 2 U / 14.5 kg

H 2500

  • 2 x 1450W / 4Ω
  • 2 x 1900W / 2Ω
  • 2 U / 14.2 kg

  • stable, very high power output
  • very high efficiency
  • very light
  • 3 - stage Grounded Bridge Class H topology
  • “floating” switching power supply
  • large liquid crystal display
  • integrated micro - controller for internal control
  • • retrofittable remote control module for integration into the IRIS - Net™ with remote supervision, remote control, digital controller functions and digital inputs

In order to realize power levels of 2500W/4Ω, power amplifiers have to be able to make available peak output voltages of between 180V and 200V. This requirement limits the number of plausible topologies to two:

Class D and Dynacord’s Linear Grounded Bridge Class H.

After extensive research, the Dynacord development department decided against the use of Class D designs: the besetting evils of Class D technology - primarily, distortion and a clear load - dependence in the frequency response - cannot be overcome, even by modern designs, and the result is an unlovely discoloration of the output signal.

Higher power classes require different solutions!

Dynacord’s linear Grounded Bridge designs (e.g. L2400/P3000) have proven extremely reliable over many years as well as outstanding in terms of audio performance. One of the key advantages of Grounded Bridge solutions is the considerable reduction in “voltage stress” for the power transistors. This permits the design of high - powered power amplifiers with peak output voltages in excess even of 200V. A logical step in the direction of lowering power dissipation whilst at the same time increasing the output power was the development of a linear Grounded Bridge topology using Class H technology with a three - stage switching “floating” power supply. The use of an extremely stable switching power supply makes a decisive contribution to the very low weight of these power amplifiers: 7kW packed into a device a mere 2 rack units in height and weighing less than 15 kg!

PowerH power amplifiers are ready for integration into IRIS - Net™ - based audio systems and networks. Retrofittable remote control modules, e.g. the RCM - 26, make possible complete system supervision and remote control combined with digital controller functions including ultra - precise FIR filters and optimized loudspeaker protection algorithms.

The power amplifiers of the PowerH series represent a milestone in the design and production of high - performance power amplifiers. Their innovative three - stage Grounded Bridge Class H topology with its floating switching power supply offers very high and stable output power, very high efficiency, an extremely high plateau in terms of audio performance and extreme lightness. They are therefore the ideal drivers for professional touring and high - end concert sound, as well as pro sound, applications. Through the use of IRIS - Net™ - compatible remote control modules, they also offer extensive remote supervision and control functions as well as a universal two - channel digital controller including ultra - precise FIR filtering and digital protection algorithms.

Dynacord power amplifiers are known for their absolute reliability under the most arduous of conditions on the road. In addition to the legendary manufacturing quality that comes with the “Made in Germany” label, the comprehensive set of protective circuits plays an important role here: an integrated micro - controller coordinates tried - and - tested protections against short - circuit, HF or DC at the output, back EMF, overheating and open - circuit operation, the power - up current limitation and dynamic audio limiters as well as making additional new and highly intelligent protective functions possible: for example, the temperature in the power amplifiers is monitored at no fewer than six different points and the front - to - rear ventilator governed accordingly. Under abnormal thermal “worst case” conditions, the CPU activates a voltage limiter or gain reduction depending upon the requirements of the situation, so as to obviate the need for a thermal shutdown of the power amplifiers. All corrective measures are indicated on the front panel and spelt out clearly on the liquid crystal display. In addition, a report is created making it possible to enquire later as to all such “interventions”, each of which is time - stamped.

The mains voltage is monitored and displayed continuously, with the devices adapting automatically to 230V, for example, or 120V. At the same time, the mains current consumption is also monitored and displayed. The trip value of the automatic circuit breakers can be set by the user via the display of the power amplifier. In the event of possible overloading of the mains, the amount of amplification is reduced to prevent the circuit breakers tripping. Any short - circuits at the output of the power amplifier are detected early on, even at low levels. The protective circuit is activated and a report on the fault in question appears simultaneously on the front display. In the event of excessive high - frequency overload, there is an automatic level reduction to protect the power amplifier itself and also the loudspeaker components connected.

The large, backlit liquid crystal display delivers comprehensive status information, error reports and measurements as well as allowing you to control the basic settings and (with the IRIS - Net™ module integrated) select presets as well.

In addition to extreme reliability and forward - looking operating security, the PowerH power amplifiers are impressive for their outstanding audio performance. The THD, intermodulation distortion (IMD - SMPTE) and dynamic intermodulation (DIM) are well below 0.05% and therefore well below the limit of audibility. All the components of the switching power supply are so safely dimensioned that they are capable of delivering the maximum peak output voltage of 70A continuously, thereby allowing the power amplifier to operate as a stable voltage source even with extremely low loads. PowerH power amplifiers therefore have a significant amount of headroom at their disposal, which results in superior dynamics even with low loads.

PowerH power amplifiers leave nothing to be desired in the way of connectors. For the inputs, XLR IN/parallel OUT sockets are provided along with additional Phoenix connectors. The input sensitivity is switchable between 0dBu, +6dBu and 32dB Constant Gain. In addition, there are switches for bridged operations and parallel / dual as well, naturally, as a Ground Lift switch. A latching PowerCon connector is provided for the mains power line, which prevents the plug being yanked out accidentally. The power outputs are implemented as Speakon sockets with parallel binding posts. In terms of connectivity, therefore, PowerH power amplifiers satisfy all the demands of both mobile applications and pro audio fixed installations.
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