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Vox Launches The New High Gain Valvetronix Series [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
28 March 2007 — VOX announces the new Valvetronix XL line - an exciting new range of tube-powered modeling amplifiers that delivers the power and punch that modern rock players require, with a selection of hi-gain sounds that span the entire range of heavy rock music.

Starting with a wealth of great amp models from the acclaimed “VT” or “Chrome” series, these sounds have been modified for the hi-gain player. The VOX engineering team practically threw out the rule book in voicing the new XL range, modding EQs, hot-rodding gain levels, and even switching the model of a historically Class AB hi-gain head to Class A. The result is an amplifier range that delivers VOX’s hottest hard rock and metal sounds to date; all of them based on legendary amps. Here too are all the features that make the entire VT series sound and feel great: Valve Reactor technology, high-quality effects, and adjustable output wattage.


  • Valve Reactor technology
  • Eleven amp sounds
  • Eleven high-quality effects, with seven multi-effects, plus Noise Reduction.
  • Store amp and effect settings as a program, containing two different settings (CH1 and CH2).
  • A Manual mode where the sound reflects the settings of the knobs.
  • Optional VFS2 dual foot switch can switch programs or bypass effects.
  • Power level control adjusts power amp output wattage (not available on AD15VT-XL)
  • External speaker out jack (AD50VT-XL and AD100VT-XL only)
  • Effect send/return jacks allow you to connect your external effect processor in a loop connection (AD100VT-XL only).
  • VOX’s new XL series is a range of high-gain Valvetronix amps including the AD15VT-XL, AD30VT-XL, AD50VT-XL, and AD100VT-XL.

About VOX Valve Reactor™ Technology

The VOX XL series features VOX’s patented Valve Reactor™ circuitry — a proprietary design using a 12AX7 dual triode vacuum tube, a virtual output transformer and a dummy speaker circuit that simulates the reactive load of a real speaker. The Valve Reactor reconfigures itself so its characteristics match the amps it’s modeling; all the nuances of the original amp — sound, feel, and presence — are accurately reproduced.

*Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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