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Toontrack Superior 1.6.0 With Mac Intel Support Now Available For Download

United States
16 March 2007 — The main purpose for this update is compatibility with Intel based Apple Mac and VST2.4 compliant hosts.

In addition to the above Superior 1.6.0 includes a number of bug fixes (list at the end of this notice) and introduces new features in relation to Cymbal management and default handling:

  • stacked cymbals: all ride slots can now be populated with alternative crashes that can be independently pitched or otherwise edited from the original instrument.
  • stereo mirrored rides: all rides can be found as counterparts on the other side of the stereo field under the same denomination followed by “><” to indicate their special nature.
  • various cymbal and ride substitutions are now implemented to facilitate migration of MIDI to Superior and otherwise add flexibility in setting up instruments.
  • Ambience and Humanize functions is now enabled by default, where appropriate. This of course increases the RAM requirements for presets and quick selections, please check TOTAL bank size before proceeding with loading!
  • Hats Open Pedal can now be substituted for hats Closed Pedal. This is useful in order to avoid unwanted foot splashes when using foot pedal controllers. Unload the “Open Pedal” samples on the Construction to block splashes in full.

Important notes:

Superior 1.6.0 requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or above. It will not run on Jaguar or early Panther. Power PC users (G4/G5) should ensure they are running Mac OS 10.3.9 or later before upgrading. There are no specific OS requirements for Intel based Mac but Mac OS 10.4.8 or above is recommended.

On the PC, Superior 1.6.0 was tested exclusively on Windows XP - Toontrack can not make any warranty that the product will operate correctly on legacy systems. Vista users should experience no issues as far as their sequencers and audio hardware operates properly in this environment but again this is largely untested.

Fixed in version 1.6.0:

  • Graphical issues affecting Sonar 6.2 fixed
  • Bounce progress bar restored in AU version
  • AmbCorr no longer leads to CPU build-up
  • Crashes occuring when changing drums while playing MIDI on multiple CPUs machines
  • Various buttons now react on upstroke rather than click
  • Cymbal mutes excluded from semi seq state at Superpad level
  • Closed Hats subpad now primary pad for preview
  • Generic positions (ANY) can now be saved and recalled
  • Clicking logo opens www.toontrack.com
  • Percussionist noloader presets can now be renamed
  • Preset renaming aborted properly on Mac when clicking on anything outside the text field
  • VST version accepts chunks (savefiles) at all times
  • ’&’-signs changed to “n” in the Positions drum menus. I.e. N&C => NnC on PC
  • VSTGUI fix for sluggish knob reactions
  • Fix LED lights up and goes out properly when the knob is turned

Please log into your account at www.toontrack.com/support/ for access to the free update, accompanying library patch and revised documentation.
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