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Hughes & Kettner Shows New Statesman™ All-Tube-Amp Line At Frankfurt Musik Messe!

United States
The new Hughes & Kettner Statesman™ Series is the first to combine “Open-Back Vintage Clean” and “Closed-Back-Stack Overdrive” in one all-tube amp.

St. Wendel, 12 March 2007 — The new Statesman™ all-tube guitar amps from Hughes & Kettner cover the full spectrum of classic amp sounds from “Early 60’s Clean” to “Early 80’s Overdrive.” This sophisticated design is the first to combine two opposite poles of the tone world into one tube amp: “Vintage Open-Back Clean” in the one channel, and the massive tone of a 4x12″ half-stack in the Overdrive channel.

These two-channel amps will be available in four versions: three combo amp models with 20, 40 or 60 watts, and a head version with 50 watts. Each model has been tuned to have a slightly different character, differing not only with regard to their wattage and preamp details, but also in the choice of power tubes.

The compact STM Dual and Quad EL84 combos, with a single 12″ speaker and 20 or 40 watts respectively, were designed to have as broad a tonal spectrum as possible, hence their EL84 power amp tubes. The STM DUAL 6L6 combo model with its 60 watts of power and pair of 12″ speakers was finely tweaked to dial in the legendary California Clean sounds, a fact underscored by its 6L6 tubes. At the same time, with this model British rock sounds are no problem at all.

The STM Dual EL34 head with its 50 watts of power rounds out the line with a full-blown rock head that delivers Clean and Crunch sounds from the “Open-Back” world with deadly accuracy.

The two channels used in the Statesman models feature a total of 4 sound modes: in the Clean channel, “Twang” adds the quintessential character of the California sound to the basic clean sound, while the Boost function in the Drive channel adds extra kick to the classic Rock Overdrive sound. In the two smaller models, both channels share a 3-band EQ, whereas in the Dual 6L6 combo and the head, each channel has its own EQ section. When it comes to reverb, no compromises were made: the Statesman amps feature an original Accutronics®-brand spring reverb to deliver the real thing and not an imitation. A special feature that is also quite practical is the Reverb-Balance knob, which determines the relative level of reverb between the two channels. More effects can be added by way of the FX-Loop. In the EL 84 combos, the FX-Loop is hard-wired as a serial connection; in the two larger models, you can switch the loop to run in either serial or parallel mode.

To ensure that the full spectrum of sounds from Clean to Overdrive actually do sound authentic, a Custom 12″ Eminence® Rockdriver Cream speaker was selected for the task. This speaker does a wonderful job of delivering the unique character of both tonal realms.

Important functions like channel selection, boost, reverb and FX-loop can all be switched by foot. One 2-way footswitch is included and a second one can be added as an optional accessory.

Special attention was paid during the design of these amps to easy serviceability. The tubes are located in a separate compartment to protect them from mechanical vibration from the speaker. Tube replacement and bias adjustment can be accomplished in minutes without the need to open the enclosure.

All amps in the series allow the connection of an external speaker cabinet. Matching 1x12″, 2x12″ and 4x12″ cabinets will soon be offered with the same Eminence® Rockdriver Cream speakers.

The first Statesman combos with single 12s will be available at many Hughes & Kettner dealers in April. The head and the 2x12″ Dual 6L6 combo are scheduled to ship in September.

The suggested retail prices of the four Statesman models will be between 1000 and 1500 Euros.

Key Features

  • • 2 Channels: Clean and Drive
  • • Power amp tube circuitry specifically selected for each model
  • 4 Sound modes: Normal/“Twang” in the Clean channel and Normal/Boost in the Drive channel
  • • 3-Band EQ (6L6 and EL34 models with 3-Band EQ per channel)
  • Original Accutronics spring reverb
  • Reverb Balance knob to set relative level of reverb per channel
  • External FX—Loop (serial loop with EL84 combos / serial/parallel switchable with the 6L6 and EL34 models)
  • Speaker: Custom 12″ Eminence® Rockdriver Cream.
  • • 4 Functions via foot-switch: Channel Select, Boost, Reverb, FX-Loop
  • • Easy-access servicing: valve replacement and bias adjustment without opening the enclosure
  • 1x FS-2 2-way foot-switch included. Second optional.
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