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Soundtracs DS-00 Console Installed Enjoys Resonance In Singapore

United States
27 February 2007 — Describing itself as “Compact, flexible and music-centric” Resonance Audio is a new studio based in Singapore, primarily engaged in the recording, mixing, editing and mastering of both studio and live music projects.

Also employed in DVD and television audio post-production and mastering, the studio works with many international artists, producers and arrangers, from Asia’s leading acts to the likes of Norah Jones, Star Sailor, Sum 41 and Placebo.

So when it came to installing a new main console, the chosen model needed to have both optimum sound quality and flexibility. A Soundtracs DS-00 was therefore the perfect choice.

“We chose to install the Soundtracs DS-00 as our main mix console, because it gives us the flexibility not only to do music recording and mixdown, but also post production,” says Resonance Audio’s Bryant Hwang.

The studio’s primary systems are the Steinberg Nuendo media production suite for mixing, plus Digidesign ProTools HD3 for editing and project data management. The DS-00 integrates seamlessly with both systems, ensuring that the production process is utterly transparent and intuitive.

“The ergonomic control interface of the DS-00 is also a major advantage,” says Bryant. “Together with its powerful onboard EQs and effects, plus its practical MADI connection, it is the ideal console for the cutting edge studio that we run.”
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