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Tascam GA-30CD Is The Ultimate Practice Amp [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Dedicated Speakers for Guitar and CD Trainer Combine Music Training and Great Tone

Anaheim, CA (January 18, 2007) — Fresh from the creators of the popular CD trainers, TASCAM has announced the GA-30CD guitar amplifier. This 30W guitar amp uses solid-state technology for killer guitar tone without the latency delay of digital modeling amps. A multi-effects processor is also provided for delay, chorus, phasing and more great-sounding tones. Along with being a flexible guitar amp, the GA-30CD has a built-in CD trainer with its own stereo sound system for playing CDs at virtually any speed and pitch without compromising the amp tone.

“Musicians who plugged CD-GT1mkIIs into their guitar amp complained about the sound, because the mono speaker was designed for guitar,” says Rick McClendon, Vice President Sales, TASCAM Division. “The GA-30CD has a dedicated guitar speaker and two more speakers for stereo CD playback, making sure the sound of either one isn’t compromised. With its CD trainer features and great-sounding guitar tone, the GA-30CD is the ultimate practice amp.”

Like the acclaimed CD-GT1mkII, the GA-30CD plays back CDs with Variable Speed Audition so musicians can learn licks at slower speeds without changing the pitch. CDs can also be pitched to match the tuning of an instrument, and a built-in tuner is provided. A Guitar Cancel feature is also provided for playing along with CDs, and a line input can play back an MP3 player, microphone preamp, mixer or other source.
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