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Sibelius Helps Beatles “LOVE” To Come Together

United States
Sir George Martin and his son Giles use Sibelius 4 to collaborate on “LOVE”, the new Beatles album and Cirque du Soleil show.

London, 22 November 2006 — Sibelius 4 — the best-selling music notation software - enabled Sir George Martin and his son Giles to share ideas and collaborate remotely when producing LOVE, a 26-track album of reinterpretations of Beatles classics, and the soundtrack to a stunning new Cirque du Soleil show.

“For most of the project, Giles and I were either on different sides of the Atlantic or different coasts of America.” says Sir George, legendary Beatles producer. “Sibelius let us bounce ideas off one another and knock things into shape.”

One of the standout songs from LOVE is a new string arrangement of an early version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison. Sir George explains how Sibelius 4 was pivotal in the timely recording of this new version…

“When we were happy with the arrangement we’d come up with in Sibelius, we just emailed our files to Vic in the UK to create the final parts. Using Sibelius meant that the recording of this arrangement at AIR Studios in London went very smoothly, despite our demanding schedule.”

“Vic” is Vic Fraser — a legendary copyist who has worked on the soundtracks for countless blockbuster films and shows. A long-time Sibelius user, he was able to quickly produce and revise instrumental parts from Sir George and Giles.

The LOVE album has been praised for re-invigorating classics and bringing to the fore fascinating elements of the Beatles repertoire. The live show has also been lauded for its stunning visuals and incredible soundscapes - over 6000 speakers are used in the performance. Reviewers agree that the graceful and elegant production reinforces the greatness of the Beatles in the 1960s.
Jimmy Bruno, Vic Juris And Corey Christiansen: MB3 / Jazz Hits / Volume 1 (Mel Bay Records, November 21, 2006)
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Jimmy Bruno, Vic Juris And Corey Christiansen: MB3 / Jazz Hits / Volume 1 (Mel Bay Records, November 21, 2006)

November 21, 2006 —

  • Jimmy Bruno - Guitars
  • Vic Juris - Guitars
  • Corey Christiansen - Guitars
  • Danny Gottlieb - Drums
  • Jay Anderson - Bass
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