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Quebec’s Top Sound Professionals Meet Midas XL8 In Montreal

United States
16 November 2006 — The groundbreaking Midas XL8 live performance system was enthusiastically received by some of Quebec’s most distinguished pro audio professionals at a series of demo sessions held in Montreal during the last week of October.

Hosted by Eastern Canada Midas Sales Representative Gilles Elhadad, the sessions” attendees included representatives from Cirque du Soleil, Place des Arts (Montreal), Le Grand Theatre de Quebec (Quebec City), Solotech (exclusive Midas XL8 dealer in Quebec) and consultants Arttech Multimedia, XYZ, and Le Mot Dit Piton.

Left to Right - Richard Ferriday (Midas), Gilles Elhadad (Acoustik GE), Mario St-Onge (Solotech), Richard Lachance (Solotech), Franck Fabry (Midas)

Midas representatives Richard Ferriday, Jim Pfitzinger, Mitch Mortenson and Mick Whelan were on hand to help introduce all angles of the XL8 system to the attendees, with technical, operational, support and business-oriented presentations, Q&A sessions and, of course, the all-important test drive.

“No one needs a presentation to tell them how well the Midas XL8 system performs,” noted Mick Whelan, Director of Concert Sound Sales; Americas. “Just 30 seconds with the EQ section illustrates what all other manufacturers have missed—the ability to respond as quickly, intuitively and sonically as a top class professional analog system.”

Left to Right - Daniel Petit (Cirque du Soleil), Bob Barbagallo (Solotech), Mario Duchesne (Solotech), Charles Ethier (Cirque du Soleil), Jim Pfitzinger (Midas), Jean-Michel Caron (Cirque du Soleil), Mitch Mortenson (Midas)

Franck Fabry, Director, Americas Export Sales, Telex Pro Audio Group, added: “The XL8 met with wide-eyed interest from such seasoned sound engineers as Jean-Charles Ethier (Cirque du Soleil), Mario St.-Onge (Solotech) and Richard Lachance (Solotech)—the excitement was palpable throughout the demo room. In fact, during the presentations, many of our guests couldn’t keep their attention off the XL8 sitting behind them—everyone was itching to get their hands on the work surface! We were particularly pleased to see this, as most digital consoles simply aren’t that inviting. But XL8 is different: Though its high-tech features put it in a class of its own, XL8 feels as familiar as a classic Midas board, designed with an emphasis on knobs and faders rather than scrolling through pages of programming. That Midas has achieved this crucial “hands-on” appeal was evident in the enthusiasm of our guests.”

Charles Ethier (Cirque du Soleil)

“Everyone involved in the demo sessions feels very confident about the success of XL8 in Canada,” Fabry continued. “It’s already created a buzz in the closely-knit pro audio community in Quebec, and the positive word of mouth will be spreading like wildfire in the weeks to come. We’re looking forward to equally sucessful dem sessions across Canada in the following months!"
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