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Seymour Duncan Basslines’ New SJ5-3 Quarter-Pound™ For 5-String Jazz Bass® [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Santa Barbara, California, Friday, December 08, 2006 — Less is more. As tried and true as that old adage is, we all know that sometimes more is more. For many bassists, the quest for more meant yanking the stock pickups out of their Fender® Jazz Bass and replacing them with Basslines Quarter-Pound Jazz pickups. The massive, 1/4” pole pieces gave them more punch, more clarity, and more volume. When the range of the 4-string bass wasn’t enough, many players migrated to the 5-string, reveling in the extended low frequencies that were now at their disposal. We at Basslines are urging those bassists to go even one step further as we proudly introduce the 5-String Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass. These spectacular pickups feature the same great tone that has made their 4-string counterparts our best-selling bass model with all the extended range that goes with a 5-string bass.

One of the toughest things about amplifying a 5-string bass is that the low-B string gets lost. Not any more. The mean, punchy, articulate sound of these 5-String Quarter Pound pickups will transform what was an indistinct low B into one that speaks loud and clear. Your tone will have more growl, more definition, and more character than you ever thought possible. You want more? Of course you do.

Direct retrofit for Fender® Jazz V basses

USA MSRP: $95 each for neck or bridge, $179 for matched set

SJ5-3 Specifications:

  • Cable: 2 Conductor, shielded
  • DC Res: Neck: 20.9 K Ohms / Bridge: 22.2 K Ohms
  • Res Peak: Neck: 5.56 K Hz / Bridge: 5.65 K Hz
  • Magnet: .25” Alnico 5
  • EQ B/M/T: 7/3/6
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