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Eventide Unveil New Stompboxes [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Eventide applies 35 years of experience to its new TimeFactor and ModFactor, providing guitar players with Eventide’s legendary effects in affordable and portable stompboxes.

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, January 18, 2007 — For more than 30 years, Eventide has manufactured the effects processors of choice for some of the top guitar players. Today, at Winter NAMM, Eventide is making its effects even more accessible to guitar players with the launch of its revolutionary new stompboxes: the TimeFactor twin delays and the ModFactor modulation effects. Small enough to fit on a pedalboard or in a gigbag, the TimeFactor and ModFactor are intuitive plug-and-play stompboxes. TimeFactor features Eventide’s ten best delay effects; ModFactor features Eventide’s 10 best modulation effects.

The powerful, high-quality TimeFactor and ModFactor are full-featured stompboxes that afford users the ability to customize up to 27 presets (or an unlimited number via MIDI) and immediately access them via three metal footswitches. With instantaneous program change, true analog bypass, tap tempo for tweakable beat matching, and full parameter real-time editing via 10 onboard knobs, TimeFactor and ModFactor combine uncompromised studio sound quality with the speed and convenience of a stompbox. In addition to functionality, the TimeFactor and ModFactor also provide an added level of flexibility with built-in capabilities such as: a plug-and-play expression pedal input for control of wet/dry mix, or any combination of parameters; MIDI effect select and parameter control; instrument or line level inputs and outputs; and seamless adaptation with a wide variety of amps and other foot pedals.

“Innovative design and quality construction have long been the hallmarks of Eventide,” said Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of sales and marketing. “The introduction of our TimeFactor and ModFactor stompboxes continues our commitment to manufacturing high-quality products that deliver musicians the most powerful and versatile effects available, not to mention that lush, Eventide sound known the world over. We are very excited about these new performance machines and are confident that musicians throughout the world will use them to extend the possibilities of music.”

The TimeFactor and ModFactor include Eventide’s ten best delay and modulation effects from the past 35 years. These include:

TimeFactor Twin DelayModFactor Modulation Effects
Digital DelayPhaser
Vintage DDLFlanger
Tape EchoChorus
Modulated DelayPolyMod
Ducked DelayTremoloPan
Band DelayUndulator
Filter PongVibrato
MultiTap DelayQ-Wah
Reverse DelayModFilter

Consistent with Eventide’s commitment to innovative, high-quality design, each stompbox features a brilliant, easy-to-read LED display, housed in rugged cast metal and made in the USA. A USB port allows users to download upgrades from the Internet, saving valuable time and money.

“Our priority is providing our customers with new ways to create and entertain via the most innovative products available,” Maxwell continued. “This means building high-quality products that enable end-users to stretch the limits of their imagination while stretching the value of their dollar. Our ability to do this consistently comes from working very closely with our customers: the musicians and producers who use our products on a day-to-day basis. We’re confident that the TimeFactor and ModFactor stompboxes offer both unprecedented performance and value to our customers.”

Eventide’s TimeFactor will be available through premier guitar retailers in March. ModFactor will be available in May. Both the TimeFactor and ModFactor will retail for $499 each.
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