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All System 6000 Plug-Ins For Pro Tools Ready For Intel Macs

United States
Risskov, Denmark — February 2nd 2007 — The pristine sound of the M6000 plug-ins is now available for Pro Tools HD and Accel systems on both Intel and PowerPC based Macs, thanks to the new Universal versions, which also add numerous optimizations and fixes to the existing PowerPC versions. These updates bring professional production and mastering possibilities only known from System 6000 to the realm of ProTools on Intel Macs. They are free of charge for both existing and new users and can be downloaded at the TC Electronic website. All plug-in versions are universal binary.

MD3 Stereo Mastering includes two first-class algorithms, MD3 Multiband Dynamics and BrickWall Limiter. Read more about MD3 here.

VSS3 uses Virtual Space Simulation (VSS) to accurately recreate the natural characteristics of acoustic spaces. This source reverb really shines when integrated with the ProTools environment: Multiple instances may be run to associate elements of the mix with different locations, thereby producing a more credible result. Read more about VSS3 here.

DVR2 is not only the most precise EMT250 emulation to date; it also emulates the EMT250 in the way parameters interact for different settings. The high resolution parameters allow for lower noise, extension of bandwidth, and control of the amount of chorusing. Read more about DVR2 here.

UnWrap offers an abundance of parameters to convert stereo and LtRt sources to 5.1, while remaining faithful to the original mix’s width, timbre, spaciousness and other significant factors. Because of this approach the 5.1 output can be subsequently down-mixed to stereo again with no sonic penalties. Read more about UnWrap here.

NonLin2 is capable of generating compact vocal ambience, percussive and dramatic drum sounds, reverse reverbs and totally new “twisted” effects. Read more about NonLin2 here.
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