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Celestion Gold On Its Way To Legendary Status [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
18 January 2007 — Since shipping the first Celestion Golds in Summer 2006, the response in favor of this 50-watt Alnico speaker has been overwhelming. Already the Gold appears to be on its way to legendary status.

According to Celestion Head of Sales and Marketing, Paul Richardson: “The Celestion Blue has long been our flagship speaker. The goal was to use it as the template to create an all-new “Contemporary Classic” Alnico driver with enhanced power handling capability, without compromising either tone or specification.”

But can the Gold really come close to producing that celebrated tone of the Celestion Blue? According to GRAMMY® nominated, double-platinum selling artist, Brad Paisley, it can. “With the Gold, Celestion has nailed the tone of the original Blue in a higher watt speaker. The Celestion Blue sound has always been a big part of my tone.” He recently commented. “Now through the Gold, it’s available to me, whichever amp I use.”

But the story doesn’t end there. “The Blue hits its famous tonal sweet spot when driven at or around 15W, and the cone’s just breaking up nicely. But at this point some of the other moving parts of the speaker are approaching their operational limits,” explained Gold designer, Pete Thompson.

“The way we’ve designed the Gold, you can push the cone right into that same sweet spot and obtain a “Blue tone,” while still maintaining a healthy safety margin. That extra headroom means you can crank it up and push the speaker much harder, and get even more layers of harmonic complexity. That’s where the Gold really starts to take on its own truly unique characteristics.“

’Nashville phenomenon” Johnny Hiland checked out the Gold on his recent visit to the Celestion facility in Ipswich, England, and was immediately impressed. “It blew me away” he commented later, “the bass and midrange response was incredible and I’m looking forward to adding them to my existing G12 rig”.

Legendary Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz is excited about the tone the Gold gives him: “it’s deep, wide, fat and extremely efficient. It sounds like you can dive in and swim to the bottom of the Alnico magnet but you’ll never ever get there because it just keeps going!”

One thing’s for sure, Celestion has created a premium Alnico magnet guitar speaker that comes alive in higher power amplifiers, with an extra tonal dimension that will thrill players of all styles. Available worldwide.
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