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Tony Iommi Takes Celestion Heritage Series G12H On Tour

United States
20 January 2007 — Riffmaster and metal legend Tony Iommi is loading Celestion Heritage Series G12H throughout his backline rig for the upcoming “Heaven and Hell Live” world tour.

A reunion of the line-up that recorded the classic albums “Mob Rules” and “Live Evil” and toured the Heaven and Hell album are once again poised to enthrall audiences. Comprising Tony Iommi, vocalist Ronnie James Dio, bass player Geezer Butler and drummer Vinny Appice, the band will hit the road under the moniker “Heaven and Hell” in early 2007 in Canada before setting off round the world.

Tony has played through many different Celestion speakers during his legendary career and has previously described Celestion as “the Voice of Rock”. For this latest tour, Tony, along with long-time Guitar Tech. Mike Clement, has taken the decision to load his entire backline with Heritage Series G12H.

According to Mike; “Tony’s been using Celestion speakers for years — he wouldn’t use anything else. And when we heard the heavy magnet Heritage Series G12H, we knew immediately that it was the perfect speaker for the job. Ideal for Tony’s signature heavy riff work, but versatile enough to cut through the band for lead and solo breaks.”

Launched in 2005, the Heritage Series speakers are perfect re-creations of the most legendary Celestion guitar speakers. Following the original design notes and specifications for the original speakers and using exactly the same materials and construction techniques.

The Heritage Series G12H re-creates the low resonance (55 Hz), heavy magnet greenback, right down to the voice coil former material, glue formulations and solder only tag panel.
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