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Mogami Endorsers Extol The Virtues Of New Platinum Series Instrument Cable

United States
El Segundo, CA, 1 February 2007 — At the recent NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, Mogami’s newly introduced Platinum Series instrument cable was making a lasting impression with guitarists and recording studio aficionados alike—due to its uncanny ability to translate the true sound of the performer’s instrument. While show attendees were stopping by the booth in record numbers to get the scoop on the cable’s sonic proficiencies, appearances by Mogami endorsers Jeff Watson, Joey P, Alex Gerst, and the Fed’s Matt Slider further contributed to the festive mood at the booth.

Mogami’s new Platinum Series instrument cable is re-defining guitarists” attitudes toward instrument cables. Mogami engineers have managed to reduce the capacitance (the tendency for a component to store an electrical charge) and refine the mechanical and electrical performance attributes of the cable, while maintaining superior flexibility and handling characteristics. The result is a very flexible, light weight, larger diameter, extremely high performance cable that minimizes noise and delivers the most neutral tone quality that is physically possible—even in extended lengths upward of 40 feet.

Matt Slider, Jeff Watson, Alex Gerst, and Joey P — pictured above from left to right, all have long-standing, close relationships with Mogami and its sister company, MXL Microphones. Watson and Joey P are currently working on a project for Sony/ATV recording artist Alice Shaw, while Matt Slider and Alex Gerst recently completed the Feds’ upcoming album.

Initially known for his work with the hard rock band Night Ranger, virtuoso guitarist Jeff Watson is also world renowned for his patented eight-finger tapping technique as well as his speed picking and acoustic playing. Watson is a true believer in the benefits of Mogami. “With Mogami cable, I’m assured low noise, accurate signal transfer, and transparency of sound. I couldn’t work without it!”

Joey P is one of the hottest up-and-coming Producer/Writer/Engineers in the business with a track record for the finest in R&B writing and production. A voting member for the Grammy Awards with the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Joey’s talents have earned him a solid reputation and a wall of Gold and Multi-Platinum plaques. Among his numerous credits, he’s worked on projects with artists Ludacris, Jay-Z, and Dru Hill.

The Feds—with vocalist Matt Slider—blend the rock splendor of Velvet Revolver and Jane’s Addiction with the classic sensibilities of early Van Halen and Guns “n Roses. Their forthcoming album, titled A Touch of Panic, was recorded at Indian Trail Recording Studio in Sanger, TX, with Alex Gerst, recording engineer and co-owner of the facility manning the console. Indian Trail Recording Studio and the Gersts has been an integral part of Mogami’s and MXL’s engineering efforts for quite some time.

Matt Slider, Jeff Watson, Alex Gerst, and Joey P are just some of the countless artists/engineers who rely on Mogami as an integral part of their performing and recording efforts. For additional information, visit them online at their respective websites…

The Feds / Matt Slider: www.myspace.com/thefeds

Jeff Watson: www.jeffwatson.com

Joey P: www.joeyp.com

Alex Gerst and Indian Trail Recording Studio: www.itrstudio.com

About Mogami

A member of the Cable & Connectors division of Marshall Electronics, Mogami is recognized the world over as the foremost name in high quality cable for professional audio applications. Just about every commercial recording available has passed through Mogami cable somewhere in the signal chain. That’s why, for over 35 years, Mogami is known as the Cable of the Pros™.
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