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BC Rich WMD Series Guitars & Bass

United States
Inspectors Fail To Find BC Rich WMD!

20 December 2006 — BC Rich successfully developed a new line of Weapons of Mass Destruction — Sonic Destruction that is… The WMD treatment was given to two of the most historically aggressive shapes: Widow Bass and the Son of Beast Guitar. A third WMD is found on an all-new shape — the Warbeast Guitar. Armed with a exceptionally hot Rockfield Fat Ass pickup in the bridge and a screaming ceramic magnet equipped Mafia pickup in the neck position, there will be no hiding the WMDs true intent. Even without playing a WMD, the deep gloss onyx finish adorned with bold deep red pin striping give away their truly hostile intentions. Warn your neighbors and any bordering states or small countries that you’ll be in possession of a WMD capable of wreaking sonic havoc!

Special Mockingbird Flies Into Players Hands
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Special Mockingbird Flies Into Players Hands

20 December 2006 — A new species of Mockingbird has recently been spotted that suddenly makes playing a guitar with unfamiliar feel, for the birds. The new Mockingbird Special from B.C. Rich features a classic four-knob layout, 24-3/4” scal …

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