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Tama Limited Editions: Three Starclassic Performers Are Limited To Just 30 Kits Each [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
ANAHEIM CA, January 18, 2007 — For the second year in a row, limited edition and production sets are the central focus of the TAMA drum display at the Anaheim NAMM musical instrument convention. Three of the limited edition drum sets are from Tama’s lacquer-finished 100% birch Starclassic Performer series.

Only 30 each of these limited edition Starclassic Performer set will be available and are destined only for the United States: A Piano White With Blue Sparkle set a Blue Metallic with Red Sparkle set, and a Gloss Black set. All three feature Black Nickel plated shell hardware.

Said Tomo Yoshinaga of Tama USA, “More and more, drummers want something unique and different. One way to do this is to do what we have always done with our all our Starclassic drums, which is to offer many different sizes in many different finishes so there is nearly limitless number of combinations you can achieve. The other way to give drummers something unique is like these Starclassic Performer Series drums, that is, create very limited numbers of drums sets in special finishes and configurations.”

The 2007 Starclassic Performer limited edition sets are configured in what TAMA calls the “New Fusion” set-up that features rack toms only, no floor toms: 8x10″, 9x12″ TT, 12x14″ and 18x22″ BD with slidable tom mount.

With hardware and pedals, and a matching finish 6 x 14 snare drum, the three sets each list for $3499.99. For the 4pc “shell kit,” drums only and without snare drum, each set lists for $2459.99.



  • 100% Bubinga Shell with Quilted Bubinga outer ply
  • (TT/FT: 9ply/7mm, BD: 9ply/8mm, SD; 12ply/10mm)

Drum Shell Hardware:

  • Antique Black finish with Black Diamond (Jet Black) crystals

Drum Heads:

  • TT - Evans Genera G2 Clear batter/ G1 Clear bottom
  • BD - TAMA coated front head Evans Genera EQ4 Clear batter
  • SD - Evans Genera G1 Coated batter / Resonant 300 snare side
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