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Ever Exotic Offerings: Tama Debuts Warlord Exotix Set [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
ANAHEIM CA, January 18, 2007 — Tama drums unveiled a very different limited edition set at the Anaheim NAMM musical instrument convention. Where previous sets of the annually released limited edition Exotix kits were based on Tama’s Starclassic series, the 2007 SE72V8 was inspired by the Masai drum of the new Warlord Collection of snare drums, which debuted at the Summer 2006 NAMM Show.

The striking 7pc kit features shells of African Bubinga fitted with the signature Warlord lugs with genuine Swarovski crystals. Only 100 kits will be available worldwide, with 50 of those destined for the United States. Commented Terry Bissette: “The release each year at January NAMM of the limited edition Exotix kit is something that creates buzz for both working drummers and drum collectors. That the 2007 edition is a Warlord Exotix, I think, will create even more excitement.

The SE72V8 AFT Exotic Warlord Masai drum set with stands and pedals lists for $9999.99. For the SE72 AFT set without stands and pedals, the list price is $8999.99


7pc Configuration: 7x 8″, 8x10″, 9x12″ TT, 12x14″, 14x16″ FT, 6x14″ SD (KGB146AFT) and 18x22″ BD

Shell: 100% Bubinga Shell with a Quilted Bubinga outer ply in African Twilight Finish (TT/FT: 9ply/7mm, BD: 9ply/8mm, SD; 12ply/10mm)

Drum Hardware: Antique Black finish with Black Diamond (Jet Black) crystal

Drum Heads: TT - Evans Genera G2 Clear batter/ G1 Clear bottom. BD - TAMA coated Front Head (special designed)

Evans Genera EQ4 Clear batter. SD - Evans Genera G1 Coated batter / Resonant 300 snare side
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