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Radial® SW8™ Auto Switcher [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Vancouver BC, January 18, 2007 — The Radial SW8 Switcher is an 8-channel redundant backup switching interface designed for live concert touring and stage shows that employ backing tracks as part of the sound production.

According to company president Peter Janis: “Today, it is common for bands to support their live performance with backing tracks as a means to provide the audience with the type of production that they expect when they hear a record. For instance, when Queen performed Bohemian Rhapsody backing tracks were used to provide the vocal chorus. This is generally done using one or more stand alone digital recorders such as the ones made by Tascam, Alesis, or IZ Radar. Unfortunately, even though these machines are very dependable in safety of the studio, traveling night after night across confinements in a truck on bumpy roads inevitably takes its toll and these machines invariably fail due to the inordinate abuse. When disaster occurs, a backup recorder is required."

“The Radial SW8 makes it possible to switch to an alternate machine either automatically or manually should the need arise. Before launching the SW8, we consulted with a wide number of stage technicians including tech that work with Chick Corea, The Eagles, U2 and so on. These guys know all of the ins and outs of road travel and helped us establish a common feature set. The result is the Radial SW8.”

The SW8 rear panel features two A-B sets of eight (8) line-level balanced input channels with choice of Tascam compatible DB25 multipins or ¼” TRS inputs. The eight accompanying outputs are available with DB25 for balanced line level feed or front panel balanced mic level XLRs to interface with a standard snake system. These are transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops and further supported with individual ground lift switches. A global -10dB pad accommodates both +4dB or -10dB levels.

Switching the input channels can be manually performed by depressing the front panel AB selector or by connecting a latching footswitch with ¼” plug. One can also set the Radial SW8 to auto-switch by recording a drone track on the recorder and then playing this into channel-1 of the SW8. Should the drone disappear, the SW8’s alarm LED will illuminate advising the technician a problem is at hand. A contact closure is also provided on the alarm bus to connect the SW8 to a siren or external lamp. Full auto switch is also available whereby the SW8 will automatically toggle to the B inputs as soon as the drone track is lost.

To accommodate larger 16 or 24 track systems, the Radial SW8 is equipped with a link i/o function that allows one SW8 to act as master and others as slaves. All of this is housed in a single 19” rack space and powered by an external 15VDC power supply.

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Available: Mar 2007 (est)

Radial SW8 suggested list price: $1200 USD
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