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Get A Backstage Pass With Roland: VIP Customer Access Program [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Los Angeles, January 18, 2007 — Roland is proud to roll out Backstage, its VIP customer access program and latest milestone in the industry leader’s ongoing commitment to superior customer service.

Backstage is a one-to-one customer interaction program that Roland has developed to better serve its customers. The Backstage model currently includes Backstage Email Support, Hands-On Backstage events (including clinics and special events), personalized content and an online Knowledge Base.

And best of all, it’s free.

Roland Director of Website and Online Development, Duane McDonald explains, “Roland has always been known for innovative products and technologies, but there is something else about Roland that separates us from the competition — our people. In addition to cool features and great sound, every Roland product is backed by an incredible team of folks here at Roland U.S.”

The company has spent more than two years developing and implementing the Backstage concept.

In 2005 the company commenced laying the foundation for Backstage by expanding Roland product support hours. Roland Product Support Specialists now field calls from 7:30am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday — an increase of 12 hours per week, or 624 hours per year. This is the equivalent of 26 days per calendar year.

“The changes in our Product Support department were part of our long-evolving commitment to customer support and the Backstage program,” says Roland Vice President and Musical Instruments General Manager, Chris Bristol. “In an age where the average wait time in the service industry could be anywhere from 2-15 minutes, we offer our customers an average wait time of 30 seconds. It is our goal to find the fastest and most effective solution for you, so you can get back out there and make music. That’s why we make our products. That’s why we’re here.”

Roland U.S. receives approximately 120,000 product support calls per year.

In 2006, Roland launched the second phase of Backstage by providing downloadable Owner’s Manuals in PDF format on the www.RolandUS.com website. In addition to supporting current line products, Roland is one of a handful of companies in the business that continues to support legacy products, some of which date back 30 years.

“In 2007, Backstage Pass will continue to evolve in order to better serve our customers” needs,” Bristol enthuses. “We look forward to launching a multitude of dynamic solutions, including a profile management system, clinic notification functions, and much, much more.”

For more information visit: www.RolandUS.com/backstage.
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