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Famed Record Plant Recording Studio Installs Digidesign Icon D-Control System [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Anaheim, CA — January 18, 2007 — Hollywood’s Record Plant Recording Studios recently installed a Digidesign® ICON integrated console environment in its DigiPlant room. This renowned recording facility, which has recorded more hits and Grammy® Award—winning records than any other studio in the world, selected the ICON system to give its clients and engineers a powerful and highly efficient digital workflow for their projects.

The studio installed a 16-channel ICON D-Control® system with the Surround Panner option and an integrated Pro Tools|HD® 3 Accel system as the mix engine. The system also uses a full range of modular Digidesign audio interfaces and peripherals, including the 192 I/OTM, SYNC I/OTM, MIDI I/OTM, and PRETM preamp.

Record Plant CEO Rick Stevens, President Rose Mann-Cherney, and Chief Engineer Jason Carson made the decision to install the ICON system after consultation with their clients. “Serving our clients is one of our hallmarks,” says Stevens. “We tried a number of different systems in our DigiPlant room, but it was clear that the ICON system was the most well accepted among our top-tier clients and would best serve their needs. We’re proud to make the ICON system a permanent part of our room.”

Artists such Mary J. Blige, The Black Eyed Peas, and Nelly Furtado, and engineers such as Tal Herzberg have already used the ICON D-Control system as part of recent Record Plant projects.

The ICON system in the DigiPlant room is part of an integrated recording, editing, and mixing workflow within the Record Plant. “All of our rooms offer Digidesign Pro Tools® systems. And in fact, more than 70 percent of all mixes done at the Record Plant are done “in the box” these days,” says Stevens. “The ICON system provides the most efficient way for our clients to record overdubs, comp vocals, make edits, or anything else they need to do on a Pro Tools system before—or during—the mixing sessions in the larger mixing rooms. Then they can move files and sessions around the facility easily using our high-speed network. Just about every one of our clients take advantage of that integrated process.”

Efficiency was a primary motivation to move the ICON system, according Chief Engineer Jason Carson. “With ICON it is easier than ever to work on multiple songs at once,” says Carson. “An artist might decide to do a verse from one song, then a chorus from another, and a bridge from another. We can switch back and forth effortlessly, and we get perfect, instant recall of all our settings. It is an incredibly efficient way to work.”

ICON-specific functions accelerate that process and provide fast, intuitive ways to work with Pro Tools system. “The ICON system is simply the best way to work in the Pro Tools environment,” says Carson. “Features such as Custom Faders, for example, let us work much faster than if we were using just the software and a mouse.” Through Custom Faders mode, operators can designate a section of D-Control for specific tasks, such as ordering a collection of tracks or assigning tracks for plug-in editing. As a result, D- Control is able to provide mixing flexibilities that extend beyond those of the Pro Tools software interface.

“The history of the Record Plant speaks for itself,” says Rich Nevens, Digidesign director of worldwide console sales. “We’re certainly pleased that Digidesign is a part of that history and that the ICON system will be a part of the studio’s future. With integrated audio workflows and features designed for efficiency, the ICON system will be an essential part of the creative process at Record Plant just as it is with a large and growing number of facilities around the world.”

About ICON

The Digidesign ICON integrated audio production environment is redefining the state of the art in large-format recording and mixing technology. Featuring a choice of the flagship D-Control worksurface or the D-CommandTM compact worksurface, plus the Pro Tools|HD Accel system as its DSP mixing and processing engine and modular Pro Tools|HD audio interfaces for analog and digital I/O, ICON is the first truly integrated console solution of its kind.
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