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Digidesign Offers Free Pro Tools Accelerated Videos Online To Learn Pro Tools Fast [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Anaheim, CA — January 18, 2007 — Digidesign is now offering a free series of online tutorial videos — Pro Tools® Accelerated — on its website, which are designed to help Pro Tools users get up and running with the software quickly. Musician, producer, veteran clinician, and Digidesign’s technical marketing specialist Phil Jackson takes viewers through a variety of educational topics from the basics, such as creating a session template in Pro Tools and using virtual instruments from the Digidesign® Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group, to more advanced techniques such as ReWire streaming and working with Region Groups. Whether viewers are new to Pro Tools and need help getting started, or are seasoned pros interested in getting some helpful tips to speed up their music creation and production workflows, these short videos cover many topics to help them get the most out of their Pro Tools systems.

“I used [Apple’s] Logic for 13 years,” admits Phil Jackson. “But when Pro Tools 7 software came out, I decided to use it for composing because it now has everything I’ve always wanted! The switch was incredibly easy because Pro Tools is so straightforward and has everything naturally in the right place. Its timing and feel is incredible, which is important for composing. I feel refreshed and eager to tell everyone about how amazing it is for music creation. That’s why I decided to create Pro Tools Accelerated educational videos. They’re short, entertaining videos that show off key features through the use of specific examples. Now I’m thrilled to have my head in Pro Tools for music creation.”

Each Pro Tools Accelerated video is presented in high-resolution, widescreen format so viewers can follow along as Phil demonstrates his methods and techniques. All tutorials are applicable to Pro Tools LETM, Pro Tools M-PoweredTM, and Pro Tools|HD® systems for Mac and PC, so users can apply what they learn immediately regardless of what system they own. Viewers can even download the Pro Tools Accelerated videos to their computer hard drives so they can view them anytime.

Digidesign currently has twelve Pro Tools Accelerated videos available online, and plans to add more to the series in the near future. To view the videos (Flash Player 8 or higher required) and get more information about Digidesign, please visit Digidesign’s website.

  • Music Creation Template (Part 1) - Creating a basic session
  • Music Creation Template (Part 2) - Adding more instruments
  • Music Creation Template (Part 3) - Saving your template
  • SynchronicTM (Part 1) - Getting audio into Synchronic
  • Synchronic (Part 2) - Tightening up audio loops
  • Synchronic (Part 3) - Creating DJ-style scratching effects
  • Live 5 Digidesign Edition (Part 1) - Setting up Live 5 with Pro Tools
  • Live 5 Digidesign Edition (Part 2) - Recording Live tracks into Pro Tools
  • Hybrid Synthesizer (Part 1) - Programming a basic synth patch
  • Hybrid Synthesizer (Part 2) - Using the step sequencer
  • Reason Adapted (Part 1) - Setting up Reason Adapted with Pro Tools
  • Reason Adapted (Part 2) - Recording Reason tracks into Pro Tools
  • Introducing StrikeTM - The ultimate virtual drummer
  • Introducing VelvetTM (Part 1) - Vintage electric pianos
  • Introducing Velvet (Part 2) - Vintage electric pianos
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