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D’Addario J71 Pro ArtÉ Tenor Ukulele Set [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Encouraging Virtuosity on the Ukulele!

FARMINGDALE, NY, January 17, 2007 — Getting the most tone out of the humble ukulele is now a reality with the new D’Addario J71 Pro_Arté Tenor Ukulele Set.

This new D’Addario Ukulele Set consists of an all-nylon string set made from an assortment of Pro_Arté classical guitar string gauges, specifically from the EJ44 and EJ46. All Pro_Arté strings are sorted by a sophisticated, computer-controlled, laser machine, which performs diameter/tension measurements and quality checks, ensuring that each set is well-matched, true-sounding and precisely intonated.

Our efforts were inspired and guided by the virtuosity of D’Addario ukulele artist, Jake Shimabukuro, the Hawaiian born musician who has taken the instrument to dizzying heights, employing a range of techniques including tapping, striking, strumming and plucking. The range of tonalities Jake coaxes from his koa wood tenor ukulele, and his rapid fire delivery, are sure benchmarks for the aspiring ukulele player.

“I’ve always used D’Addario strings on my instruments,” says Shimabukuro. “I’m pleased to say that the new D’Addario J71 set spells an end to mixing-and-matching strings to arrive at a usable set that sounds balanced and full.”

“Jake and other players gravitate to untreated, unground nylon,” explains Brian Vance, Senior Product Manager, D’Addario Fretted. “It delivers a bright tone that projects well, and offers consistent, precise intonation, allowing the instrument to reach its full potential.”

Designed for tenor ukuleles, the special J71 Pro_Arté Tenor Ukulele Set consists of the following gauges: A - .0285, E - .0327, C - .0410, G - .0290.

The strings will be available as of February 2007 and retail for $7.99.
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