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New Rico Reed Storage Designs: Offering Security, Stability, Portability [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
FARMINGDALE, NY, January 17, 2006 — Rico is happy to launch several unique solutions to the inherent problem of reed storage: fragility, susceptibility to warping and cracking due to climactic changes, and portability. Each of the new Rico options addresses storage of reeds, under stable conditions, in small or large quantities.

The first innovation is the Rico Reed Case, a portable storage medium that offers an airtight seal. When combined with the Reed Vitalizer Automatic 2-Way Humidity Control system, up to eight reeds may be stored against a flat surface at an optimum humidity level with no maintenance required. The sealed Rico Reed Case offers peace of mind to musicians: Reeds emerge from the Rico Reed Case after short or long term storage perfectly flat and with tips in perfect shape. The case is available in two models: Bb Clarinet and Alto Sax. The Reed Case retails for $29.00 and will begin shipping January 1, 2007.

The new Reed Vault affords the ultimate in longer-term storage of large numbers of reeds, securely under airtight seal and under optimum humidity conditions—thanks to the inclusion of a Reed Vitalizer 73% control pack. The latter offers “smart regulation” of the moisture content inside the case and protects up to 25 reeds from warping or cracking. The Reed Vault retails for $19.95 and will be available in December 2006.

The Reed Guard II holds two clarinet/alto sax or two tenor/baritone sax reeds. The Reed Guard IV holds four clarinet/alto sax or four tenor/baritone sax reeds, again featuring the ultimate in portability and protection. Reeds are held flat against rails allowing proper air flow during the drying process. The combination of Reed Gards with the Reed Vitalizer portable storage system is an inexpensive way to ensure that reeds are stored at the proper humidity levels. The Reed Guard II retails for $2.05 (clarinet/alto) and $2.35 (tenor/bari), while the Reed Guard IV retails for $4.00 (clarinet/alto) and $4.50 (tenor/bari). Both products are currently available.

“These are products that really simplify a wind player’s life,” emphasizes Rico Product Manager Robert Polan. “Reeds are fragile and are constantly changing with the weather. Our products are easy to use and require no maintenance.”

“Reed Vitalizer has made my reeds more predictable since I started using it.” says world-class clarinetist Romain Guyot. “I’ve been using the system since it was introduced and have much more predictability with my reeds now.” The patented Reed Vitalizer, combined with innovative designs used in the Reed Case and Reed Vault provide maximum protection and care for any type of reed.
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Tronical’s Innovative Powertune Self-Tuning Guitar System Shipping! [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]
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Tronical’s Innovative Powertune Self-Tuning Guitar System Shipping! [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

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