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The Evans Edge Control One Play Drumhead: The EC Revolution Continues [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Durable Single-Ply Head Incorporates Evans Celebrated “EC” Overtone Tweaking

FARMINGDALE, NY, January 17, 2007 — When Evans introduced the EC2 in 2005, the double-ply head featuring the ingenious “EC ring” that selectively controls overtones, everybody knew it was an idea whose time had come. The overwhelming acceptance of the EC2 was a signal that drummers sought a head that addressed overtones in a contemporary fashion. That is, curb errant harmonics, enhance lower-mid frequencies, while promoting a pleasant, ambient sustain. Perhaps Evans Product Manager Mike Robinson put it best: “The EC2 is not simply damped; it’s treated around the edges to fine-tune overtones and response.”

With the introduction of the EC1, Evans now offers good news for single-ply aficionados. The EC1 was developed in collaboration with designer Bob Gatzen. Like its two-ply sister, the EC1 does not haphazardly mute the circumference, nor does it interfere with the bearing edge of the drum. Rather, it offers discriminating edge treatment that controls upper frequencies while promoting solid attack and a rich, dense low end component.

It also happens to be an extremely rugged single-ply head. For the EC1, Evans and Gatzen beta tested extensively until the optimum film thickness was achieved. At 14 mil, the EC1 is thicker than industry standard single-ply heads. The weightier film provides a solid, sturdy feel and extra durability. The transition from stick attack to ample sustain is lightning quick, making this head ideal for fast rhythmic patterns around the toms. For those who’ve longed for a super-durable one-ply head that delivers the lush, lower-mid frequencies inherent in our EC2, the EC1 is tailor made.

“We’ve heightened durability in a single-ply head without making it feel stiff or sound choked,” adds Mike Robinson. “With the EC1, the drummer gets all the attractive attributes of standard single-ply heads, while enjoying increased definition and a longer head life. This is a head for live or studio in all genres.”

Evans EC-1 heads are offered in sizes 6” through 18” in clear or coating- and will be available in the first quarter of 2007.
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