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AKG Acoustics Debuts Innovative New MicroMic™ Miniature Microphones [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
New MicroMic Series consists of five models with unmatched performance and flexibility.

ANAHEIM, CA — January 18, 2007 — AKG Acoustics today announced the newest generation of its groundbreaking MicroMic™ Series miniature microphone line at Winter NAMM 2007. As the original innovator and pioneer of small, high-performance microphones for specialized applications, AKG has set a new standard in quality and versatility with this revolutionary new MicroMic technology. The new five-model MicroMic Series offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art sound quality, unmatched flexibility and bullet-proof reliability for musicians and vocalists.

The new MicroMic Series includes five products: C516, designed for use with accordions and for mounting on instrument amplifiers; C518, for drum and percussion applications; C519, for use on woodwind and brass instruments; C520, a premium condenser vocal microphone; and C555, head-worn microphone for dancers and back-up vocalists. Each of the new MicroMic models offers a flexible gooseneck for optimal positioning and elastic suspension to suppress spurious noise. Additionally, the C516, C518 and C519 offer metal capsule housings and an adapter plate that allows them to be attached directly to AKG WMS 40 Pro and WMS 400 bodypack transmitters, eliminating a cumbersome cable run between the mic and the wireless transmitter. Cabled versions of the new MicroMics terminated in 3-pin XLR-type outputs are available too.

The headset versions C520 and C555 offer flexible boom arms and adjustable behind-the-neck headbands. The C520 and C555 boast a flexible spring steel wire headband and the microphone’s boom arm can be moved to either side quickly and easily.

A pioneer of miniature microphone technology in the late 1980s, AKG Acoustics originated the concept for professional users as a unique problem-solver for musicians who needed great sound but wanted the microphones to be as small and inconspicuous as possible. With their improved mounting and application flexibility, easy and convenient wireless operation and very detailed sound, the new MicroMics from AKG will be appearing on stage with musicians everywhere.
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