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“Elite” Version Of Korg Pa1XPro Arranger Now Available [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 18, 2007 — Korg announces the Pa1XPro Elite, an updated version of its Pa1XPro Professional arranger keyboard. Priced like its predecessor but offering enhanced features, the new Elite version delivers two of the most popular options pre-installed, the CDRW1x8 CD drive and the EXB-MP3, an MP3 encoder that allows users to capture their output (playing and singing) and save it as an MP3 file.

About the Pa1XPro Elite:

The Pa1XPro Elite shares all the same other features with its predecessor, the Pa1XPro, a unique compositional tool featuring 76 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, a robust, color 240 x 320 pixel TouchView™ screen, and Korg’s RX (Real eXperience) Technology, which produces a detailed, sophisticated, natural sound. The intuitive menu layout and design offers easy access to over 350 fully editable music Styles, and over 200 user Style locations. Stored Styles may be loaded in or played directly via the floppy disk drive. Each Style contains eight accompaniment parts, four variations, three intros, two endings, three fills, and a break and count-in for creating realistic song patterns. The Pa1XPro recognizes multiple chord variations, and can scan the user’s playing to keep the accompaniment in tune with him/her.

Korg’s XDS Dual Sequencer allows users to load one sequence while the other plays, and use the DJ-style crossfader for smooth transitions between them. The Backing Sequencer can capture all of eight of the accompaniment tracks plus four real-time parts in a single pass, greatly speeding up the songwriting process. Powerful editing capabilities control standard sequencer functions, as well as tone parameters for sounds assigned to a given track. The sequencer is compatible with standard SMF or Karaoke files. Karaoke lyrics will appear in the display or can be displayed on an external monitor using an optional video interface kit (VIF3).

The exclusive SongBook function allows players to select a song from the user-defined database and instantly call up the correct sounds, style, tempo, key and effects for each song. A single Performance setting (320 total) can save and recall a Style, Single Touch Settings, transposition, scale type tempo and control assignments with a single command.

The Pa1XPro delivers 62-note polyphony along with 760 pre-loaded sounds, plus another 512 user sound locations. 48 preset drum sounds and 128 user programmable kits are also provided. Up to four sounds can be stacked or split across the keyboard and played in real time. Four Single Touch Settings (STS) commands call up new sound sets for each real-time performance part. In addition, four simultaneous Master Effects types (90 total) can be used, plus a set of TC-Helicon Vocal Effects, including four-part harmonies.

A built-in 16 MB (expandable to 32 MB) sampler can read WAV, AIFF, and Korg or Akai samples/multisamples. Sampled sounds can be sliced to create new grooves and kits, filtered and processed by the internal effects, or assigned to Sounds.

Additional features include:

  • Eight user-assignable faders (can act as drawbars)
  • Four assignable switches
  • Joystick and two fixed function faders
  • Two pairs of Audio Output
  • Two pairs of MIDI In/Out
  • Two Audio Inputs — one switchable to Balanced MIC Input with independent gain control
  • Coaxial S/PDIF Output
  • Damper Pedal Input and User-Assignable Pedal Input
  • Connection to optional EC5 Pedalboard with five assignable switches

Pa1XPro Elite options (also for Pa1XPro and Pa1X) include: internal hard drive; Concert Grand Piano and Latin/Latin Dance Expansion boards; Video Interface; Expression/Volume Pedal; Damper Pedal and more. Pitch Correction and Voice Modeling are also available as optional upgrades to the TC-Helicon vocal effects.

The Korg Pa1XPro Elite is currently available with a U.S. MSRP of $4500.
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