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Fender Introduces Retro-Styled Champion™ 600 Guitar Amp [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Five Watts of All-Tube Mojo with Classic “50s Cosmetics

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (January 18, 2007) — Redefining the term “gotta have it,” Fender is proud to introduce its hardest-working five-watt guitar amplifier ever. The affordable new Champion™ 600 guitar amp pays tribute to the cute and ultra-collectible 1949-53-era Champion guitar amps, serving up five blistering watts of all-tube tone, plus the classic cosmetics that make the original amps so desirable.

The Champion 600 is the perfect low-output tube amp for practicing and recording, with a 6” speaker, simple controls, and that classic Fender “two-tone” look—brown and blonde vinyl covering, leather strap handle, and red jewel pilot light. The low-gain circuit of the original was developed in conjunction with lap steels; the new Champion 600 has been updated to suit the needs of most guitarists with its 12AX7 and 6V6 tubes offering a bit more of that dynamic, natural overdrive when cranked.

“The Champion 600 is beautiful in its simplicity; a straightforward tribute to some very collectable little amps.” observed Shane Nicholas, Fender’s Marketing Manager of Amplifiers. “By keeping it simple, it’s also very affordable—perfect for tube amp novices and collectors alike. And it’s so cute, you can sit it on the kitchen counter next to the toaster!”

Champion 600 features include the aforementioned all-tube circuitry, a 6” Special Design speaker, high gain and low gain inputs, a single volume control, and an external speaker output. But this amp isn’t about features; it’s about that classic low-wattage tube amp sound.

“Guitarists will come for the looks, but they’ll stay for the tone,” confirmed Nicholas. “Plug in, turn all the way up, and work your guitar’s controls to hear this amp work all five watts of its tube mojo.”

The Champion 600 will be available in February 2007.
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