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Rupert Neve Designs Releases The Portico 5016: Duo Mic Pre/Variable Phase DI

United States
27 November 2006 — Debuted at AES 2006 in San Francisco, the Portico 5016 is a two channel Mic Pre/Variable Phase DI that provides an innovative, powerful approach for the recording of musical instruments and voices. The Preamp channel includes a full-featured, transformer coupled mic pre identical to the 5012 with silk, a swept HPF from 20-250Hz, 48V, phase and 72dB of Gain. The independent DI channel is also transformer coupled, incorporating selectable instrument or line level inputs, up to 30dB gain and a variable phase control that allows a direct input to be manually phase aligned in relation to the microphone signal!

The new Portico 5016 is the sixth to be introduced into the half rack, 1U Portico Series and may be used either out on the control room floor, or enclosed in a standard 19” rack. Like the other Potrico Series modules, it will be available in vertical or horizontal configurations and is built in Texas to ensure the highest quality construction.

During recording, the 5016’s two channels may be used separately or independently depending on what is needed. For instance, you may wish to utilize the mic pre to best capture a vocal while a bass or keyboard is run through the active DI section. In another instance, you may wish to use the DI on an instrument, and send a microphone signal from that instrument’s amplifier through the DI section as well. In this situation, the phase flip on the mic pre and the variable phase control on the DI can be used to minimize phase anomalies when the two signals are summed together.

Aside from its incredible sound and unique features, the 5016 represents an outstanding value: Two channels of uncompromising quality for only $1195.

Coming Soon:The Portico 5014 Stereo Field Editor

The 5014 Stereo Field Editor is a revolutionary new module that expands the boundaries and limitations of traditional two channel recording and playback. For live, mix and mastering engineers, the 5014 allows for control of stereo ambience with its width adjustment, position of images forward or backward in the stereo field with its depth control and the ability to further accentuate material panned left or right with its difference channel eq and insert. First shipments are expected in early January, and they must be heard to be appreciated.

Preorders being taken now for the new 5088 console

Also unveiled at AES 2006, the 5088 is based around Rupert Neve Designs custom input and output transformers as well as all new discrete op amp designs. The 5088 is Mr. Neve’s first fully discrete mixing desk in over 30 years and includes 16 channels (expandable in 16 channel segments), 8 busses, 8 auxes, 4 stereo buss masters, 4 stereo FX/Line ins, 100mm faders and a comprehensive monitor section. The first orders are currently being taken, with the first shipments expected in May-June 2007. US Retail prices are $29,500 for the console and $12,500 for each 16 channel add-on. A penthouse may also be added to the 5088 to incorporate vertical Portico modules for added Mic Pre’s, EQ’s and Compression on as many channels as needed.
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