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Meyer Sound MILO Powers Citrawarna Dance Extravaganza at Malaysian Festival

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13 December 2006 — It’s hard to find a country that honors its diversity as extensively as Malaysia, as illustrated by the annual Citrawarna Festival. A month-long, nationwide celebration of multiculturalism and the broad regional and spiritual influences of the peoples of Malaysia, Citrawarna’s festivities culminate with a live pageant, parade, and street festival featuring prominent national singers, and the highlight of the festival, the Citrawarna dance exhibition. The audience for the massive spectacle, as well as the dancers themselves, heard the music powering the dance clearly through the entire stadium-sized area, thanks to a large system of Meyer Sound MILO® high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers.

The exhibition features some 1,500 ornately costumed dancers, with each group performing a traditional routine reflecting the cultural heritage they are costumed to represent. The show presented a number of challenges to sound reinforcement. “This event is the cultural and dance event of the year in Malaysia, with a huge variety of different dances, and dancers performing,” says Frankie Lau, systems engineer for SES Sound Electronic Services of Selangor, who provided the sound system for the show. “In addition to the live music before the show, we used a huge amount of samples and recorded music. The area we provided sound to was the size of a football stadium, with over 20,000 people in attendance. We were faced with a very wide coverage angle, and also had to deal with the show being broadcast live on national television. Those are the reasons we chose Meyer Sound products for this event.”

Lau built the system for the event around 48 MILO cabinets and 24 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofers, with a Galileo™ loudspeaker management system as the central controller. “The great thing about using a self-powered system like this is that you can lose the amplifier racks in order to save space, which makes it very easy to change configurations as the need arises.”

Lau designed the system configuration using Meyer Sound’s MAPP Online Pro™ software to determine proper loudspeaker placement and positioning, which yielded perfect results without the need for any adjustment of the cabinets. Says Lau, “We didn’t even need to do any EQ, and we barely needed the SIM® 3 audio analyzer, the system worked perfectly as it was. The event promoters were very impressed with the sound system from the first time we turned it on.”

Lau and SES made the switch to Meyer Sound products last year, and have been very happy with the results. “We think the product is very impressive,” says Lau. “In addition, Meyer Sound has provided us with excellent service after the sale and are extremely helpful if we need clarification on any technical problems or issues. They are a very good partner to work with overall.”

Tourism Malaysia: www.tourism.gov.my
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