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It’s sE for Jamiroquai guitar man, Rob Harris

United States
6 December 2006 — Rob Harris has played guitar with some big names including Kylie Minogue and Beverley Knight and now plays with Jamiroquai. He’s also been pushing sE’s Reflexion Filter to its limits, with some great results…

Rob Harris has been busy since 2000, touring, writing and recording with Jamiroquai. He has worked on the band’s The Funk Odyssey, last year’s Dynamite and the recently released High Times singles collection.

As part of his latest studio set-up, Rob decided to stock up on mics including an sE Z5600a, but it was another sE product, the Relexion Filter that has become even more useful…

“I’d seen lots of good reviews and articles on both the mic and the Reflexion Filter,” he says. “The Filter is a great idea, so simple but useful. It gets used whenever I get to work in my own studio on vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, percussion, hi-hat overdubs and so on.”

“The Reflexion Filter is so useful if you’re working in a less than perfect sounding room, keeping down any unwanted room colouration. It’s great in that it’s portable and can be used in different situations for different instruments too. I’ve taken it out on vocal sessions at other home based studios, getting results to match my own recordings.”

“These days I also get asked to do sessions over the net, so I get tracks sent to me as stems. I then record at home and send the files back. In this situation I can’t be sending parts back that have been recorded badly i.e. ambient, boxy acoustic guitars, so the Reflexion Filter is a godsend to have.”

“It simply means I can record knowing I can trust what I’m hearing back a lot more. We don’t all have the luxury of an acoustically treated room to track in these days, but now we’re getting closer to getting the same results.”

“Well done sE! I wish I’d thought of it first, as do many others I guess!”

As for the future, there’s a new Jamiroquai album to look forward to…

“Yes, hopefully Jamiroquai will get back in the studio mid way through next year,” reveals Rob, “but between now and then I’m going to be working on some music with a couple of guys from the band just for fun. I’ll also be doing some sessions for other artists and I’ll be working with a few other singer/songwriters at my place too.”

“I’ve also recently managed to fit a funky old drum kit in my room so I can’t wait to put the Z5600a to more use!”
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