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SUMO Adds Weight To Danilo Madonia’s Mixing System

United States
“It replaced my old mixing system flawlessly.”

Genoa, 15 December 2006 — Italian-born musician and producer Danilo Madonia continues to celebrate the purchase of his Audient SUMO, having integrated it into all his projects from day one with great success.

“As my workstation got more sophisticated with more automation plug-ins, I started to use the larger consoles, SSL, Amek or Neve as a summing sound device only, to give that warm, fat kind of flavour to the sound,” says Danilo. “SUMO delivers a comparable sound, has an easy-to-read meter and has a very useful compressor at the end of the chain, and the great thing is, it’s cheaper and much lighter than a large console!” he laughs.

Now based in Fulham with a wide array of projects to his name, Danilo found it very easy to add the SUMO to his system. “I used it straight away. It replaced my old mixing system flawlessly, adding better sound quality, less weight and much more flexibility.”

Danilo originally heard about the SUMO from a friend of his, who happened to be manager of a large music store back in Italy. “He told me to check out this little silver box on the shelf. After a serious visual check, I visited their website to discover that the Audient engineers were also responsible for the DDA boards I used in Italy the early nineties,” explains Danilo. “Those desks were great — happily, the SUMO certainly didn’t disappoint either.”

July 2006 saw the release of “Moving’, a solo album by Danilo, all of which was mixed through the SUMO. As an independent musician, producer and arranger, he is involved with many music genres; his most recent project as arranger, keyboard and piano player being in conjunction with Italian artist Renato Zero. Danilo used his SUMO to produce Zero’s previous CD (Il Dono, 2005) and this one, which is available for sale now.

Danilo has also been credited as “unofficial member and producer” (All Music Guide) of the classic British band The Moody Blues after working with them as mix and mastering engineer amongst other things over the past nine years, and looks forward to using his SUMO with them in their latest project too.

Danilo’s album is available now on music download sites; further information on Danilo can be found at www.danworks.it.
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