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Mapex Releases Multi-Drum Add-On Pack For Pro M Series [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
December 4, 2006 — In an effort to satisfy the market’s growing demand for larger and larger drum sets, Mapex has announced the release of its new Plus Bass 22 Add-on Pack for the company’s Pro M Series.

The Pro M Classic Configuration shown with the new Plus Bass 22 Add-on pack in Bermuda Sparkle Lacquer finish.

This add-on pack capitalizes on the success that Mapex enjoyed in 2006 with the release of its cannon-like 22x20-inch bass drum that propelled sales of its Classic and Classic Plus configurations. The Plus Bass 22 Add-on Pack (PMPK208U) includes a 22x20 bass drum, 10x8 suspended tom tom, 18x16 floor tom, a P750A Bass Drum Pedal, a TS960 Combination Tom/Cymbal Stand and an AC906 Multi-Clamp which allows the player to clamp a hi-hat stand to a kick drum to economize pedal space.

“Big drum sets are back,” proclaimed Jeff Ivester, Marketing Director for Mapex USA. “If you’ve always wanted a double kick drum kit, Mapex is offering up an incredibly affordable opportunity.”

The Plus Bass 22 Add-on pack carries an MSRP of $1639.99.

“If you were to purchase our 4-piece Classic configuration and the add-on pack, you would find yourself behind one of the biggest, hottest drum sets available — at a price no other company can match,” added Ivester. “Throw in the free snare from the “Buy the Kit, Get the Cat promotion and you’ve got a can’t-miss deal.”

In 2007, purchasers of 2007 model Pro M drum set are rewarded with a free Black Panther 13x6 Maple and Cherry Snare Drum, which carries a retail value of $529.99. The offer is only available on complete drum sets and is not available with the Plus Bass 22 Add-on pack.

The Pro M Series features all-maple shells and the Mapex Isolated Tom Mount System that ensures maximum shell resonance. Pro M drum sets are available in eleven high-gloss, hand-applied lacquer finishes and four exclusive Delmar® coverings.
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