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Mapex Introduces Saturn Series Add-On Pack [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
December 4, 2006 — Mapex has announced another add-on pack for its Saturn Series customers. The Plus Bass 24 Add-On Pack (SWPK408U) is due out in January 2007 and is an ideal way for consumers to expand their current set-up into a gigantic double-kick configuration which is arena-rock-ready.

The Mapex Saturn Plus Bass 24 Add-on Pack in Green Apple Burst.

The Plus Bass 24 Add-on Pack includes a mammoth 24x20 bass drum, a 10x9 suspended tom, an 18x16 floor tom, a P750A Bass Drum Pedal, a TS960A Combo Tom/Cymbal Stand and an AC906 Multi-Clamp which allows the player to clamp a hi-hat stand to a kick drum to economize pedal space.

“The Plus Bass 24 Add-on Pack is an ideal addition to anyone purchasing our new Plus Bass Rock 24 configuration in the Saturn Series,” said Joe Hibbs, Product Manager for Mapex USA. “When combined with the Plus Bass 24 Add-on Pack, drummers end up with an incredible 7-piece set-up that features a couple of very big and powerful 24x20 bass drums.

“Perhaps the best feature about the Saturn’s new Add-on pack is its price,” added Hibbs. “We’ve given this package a very attractive price.”

The Plus Bass 24 Add-on Pack carries an MSRP of $2142.99. This is a remarkable price, considering the combined cost of these components and the matching hardware if purchased separately would cost in excess of $3000 MSRP.

“Big drum sets and big drums have always had an audience,” said Joe Vasko, Vice President and General Manager for Mapex USA. “This is a prime example of Mapex’s effort to stay in step with the demands of the drumming community. Additionally, we understand that these drums sets have to be priced within reach of the average consumer and we’re doing everything we can to meet those needs.”

The Saturn Series features extra-thin 5.1mm shells that are constructed from 4 exterior maple plies and two interior plies of walnut. The walnut gives the drum a warm rich tone and superior tuning range.

Mapex is also offering aggressive discounts, in store point of sale support, web graphics for the dealers” store web sites, supportive literature and identification in the dealer finder on the Mapex web site for retailers who participate in the “Destination Dealer” program. Destination Dealers are retailers who stock and display high end Mapex Orion and Saturn series drums and are also specially trained to assist consumers in the selection process as well as choosing their drum set-ups.
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