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Mapex Orion Series Goes A’la Carte [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
December 4, 2006 — Mapex has announced that starting in 2007, the company’s flagship drum series, the Orion will be sold on a component basis exclusively. The high-end maple series, which features a distinctive figured exterior burl maple outer ply, has primarily been available in five and six piece configurations that included Mapex 950 Series hardware.

A custom-configured 9-piece Orion set in the new Cinnamon Fade finish.

“We realize when players reach the point where they are considering a true high end drum set, they are going to want complete freedom of choice,” explained Joe Vasko, Mapex Vice President and General Manager. “Now when a consumer considers an Orion, they have the ability to design the kit of their dreams.”

Mapex has expanded the Orion line to include 43 components, from 24”x20” bass drums to 8”x7” tom toms. Additionally, Mapex has expanded the Orion’s finish options to twelve colors by adding four new lacquers: Cinnamon Fade, Wine Burl Burst, Blue Mist Burst and Gloss Natural.

“In addition to the wide range of components in the Orion Series, Mapex customers can also add one or more of our thirty Black Panther Snare Drums when designing their set,” said Jeff Ivester, Mapex’s Director of Marketing. “Plus Orion customers still have a choice of over 40 pieces of Mapex hardware available to complete their “ultimate” set-up.”

Mapex is also offering aggressive discounts, in store point of sale support, web graphics for the dealers store web site, supportive literature and identification in the dealer finder on the Mapex web site for retailers who participate in the “Destination Dealer” program. Destination Dealers are retailers who stock and display high end Mapex Orion and Saturn series drums and are also specially trained to assist consumers in the selection process as well as configuring their drum set-ups.

The Orion Series has long been the top-of-the-line drum set for Mapex. The drums feature the exclusive Mapex Isolation Tom Mounting System (ITS), low mass, single-point-of-contact lugs, eight-coat, hand-lacquered, high gloss finishes and Remo® Ambassador drumheads.

“Everybody is different. Orion customers are now in a position to design their own configuration for themselves,” adds Vasko. “This is a wonderful opportunity for serious players to get exactly the kit they want at a very competitive price.”
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