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Vater Percussion is pleased to welcome Derek Roddy to the family of Artists.

United States
14 November 2006 — Some drummers focus on speed, some on fills or solos. At the heart of a true musician there is: a drive to better oneself, the will to control your playing and eagerness to explore and sometimes expand the boundaries in music. This is Derek Roddy.

While capable of playing many instruments and styles, Derek is most widely known as a phenomenal drummer in the Death Metal community having performed with such bands as: Hate Eternal, Malevolent Creation, Nile, Divine Empire, Aurora Borealis and Council Of The Fallen. This is, however not the extent of his talent. Derek is an avid drummer of many styles and has performed as a strictly Jazz, Blues, Rock and nearly anything else musician.

Derek Roddy is now using the Vater 5B Wood, Misc. brushes/specialty sticks.


Additional new Vater Artists Include:

  • Cody Hanson (Hinder)
  • Mark Stepro (Ben Kweller)
  • Darius Manee (Lyrics Born)
  • Steve Flynn (Gnostic/Atheist)
  • Graham Broad (Roger Waters)
  • Evan Johns (Hurt)
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