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Effanel, XM Radio, Jazz at Lincoln Center Choose ADAM Monitors

United States
Westlake Village, CA (October 6, 2006) — Effanel Music, Inc., formed in 1980 by Randy Ezratty, has been providing on site recording equipment and services to many of the world’s most popular artists and the venues they perform in for more than a quarter of a century. After acquisition by XM Satellite Radio in 2005, Effanel’s Randy Ezratty and his partner Joel Singer became a go-to team in upgrading the signal path of XM as well as the Jazz at Lincoln Center Studios.

Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center

While walking the floor of the Javits Center in midtown Manhattan during the 2003 AES show, Ezratty came across a booth where ADAM Audio was playing back SACD surround mixes. He liked what he heard, and as a result a relationship developed between the two companies that has been firmly cemented over the last three years.

“I loved those speakers from the first time I heard them on the floor of the Javits Center - not an ideal environment to make a critical analysis, for sure,” says Ezratty. “Since that time my initial take has been validated over and over by many sets of ears that I greatly respect.”

When XM bought Effanel, Ezratty decided to install ADAM speakers in all of XM’s fixed installations. “What it comes down to is the musicality of the high end and the imaging that every speaker in the ADAM line provides. They’re superlative in these areas, and mixes executed on ADAMs translate extremely well,” he said.

After acquiring Effanel, XM struck a deal to equip and operate the John Storyk designed Jazz At Lincoln Center Studios, in which they put ADAM speakers exclusively. Joel Singer, who merged his company, Onsite Recording, with Effanel in 2003 said “The ADAM speakers that we installed at JALC (a pair of S6A Mk II’s, five S4As, seven S3As, and 16 Artists) work great in that environment. They’re well tuned and present an extraordinarily accurate representation of anything mixed in the studios.”

Rob Macomber, the chief engineer at JALC, is another ADAM Audio fan. “The ADAM speakers have more tweaking capability than most, and the difference the tweaks made were dramatic. Everything we’ve mixed here has transferred out beautifully. Our room is wonderfully natural sounding, with a bit of a live sound which I like. We track to a Pro Tools HD system, usually at 96kHz. There’s definitely a bump up in the air, depth, and seperation of instruments when you work at 96kHz. The top end on the ADAMs is particularly smooth and sweet, and the image throughout the frequency range is superlative.”

“Obviously, everyone at JALC, from Musical Diretor Wynton Marsalis on down, has a high end jazz sensibility, and everyone is very happy with the ADAMs,” adds Ezratty.

Effenel Music - www.effanel.com

Jazz at Lincoln Center - www.jazzatlincolncenter.org

XM Satellite Radio - www.xmradio.com
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