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John Coltrane’s Spiritual High PointJohn Coltrane’s Spiritual High Point
John Coltrane’s Spiritual High Point

A fascinating article about John Coltrane, his monumental work, "A Love Supreme", and featuring Coltrane biographer, David Tegnell. The following is a brief excerpt:On recordings like Crescent, Meditations, and A Love Sup…

Chuck BerryChuck Berry
Chuck Berry
The Double Helix Of Rock & Roll

An abridged version of an essay on Chuck Berry, published in Flyboy 2: The Greg Tate Reader, adapted from a talk delivered at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. As Mr. Tate puts it, "…the Real Architect of Rock & Roll, the Mas…

Deep Dive with Lewis PorterDeep Dive with Lewis Porter
Deep Dive with Lewis Porter

Since 2017, historian, author, musician, and educator, Dr. Lewis Porter has brought his extensive knowledge and insight to an online jazz history series from WBGO. Occasionally features guest writers.The following articles have be…

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