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Jazz in Kuala LumpurJazz in Kuala Lumpur
Jazz in Kuala Lumpur

This article will focus on the development from ‘doing’ to ‘making’ jazz in Malaysia’s main urban centre Kuala Lumpur. ‘Doing jazz’ is here understood as ‘doing what the others do’, a practice of creating musical equality with existing p…

Broken Metaphor
Broken Metaphor
The Master-Slave Analogy in Technical Literature
  • Originally in Technology and Culture, Vol. 48 N. 2
  • Ron Eglash
  • EnglishApril 2007
  • Article
  • Free Resource

The use of the term "master-slave" is currently quite common in technical descriptions of control relation between two devices: automotive clutch and brake systems (master cylinder, slave cylinder), clocks, flip-flop circuits, computer d…

Hanging the JudgeHanging the Judge
Hanging the Judge

A piece on the controversy surrounding Stanley Crouch and his JazzTimes article “Putting the White Man in Charge” (April 2003) and his being fired from the magazine as a result, as well as larger issues of racism & white-bias within …

Jazz Wars in the ’70sJazz Wars in the ’70s
Jazz Wars in the ’70s

“Maybe the best that can be said of jazz in the ’70s is that it didn’t just survive. It established its own precedents and raised important questions about an art that was finally pushed beyond its golden age.”…

Black Music: Bringing Atlantis Up to the Top
Black Music: Bringing Atlantis Up to the Top

An extended, classic 1979 piece on Jazz and Black music from The Village Voice by writer, critic, & 2019 NEA Jazz Master, Stanley Crouch.Point of fact: all of the musics became more complex in one way or another. …

Joe Mulholland & Tom Hojnacki, <i>The Berklee Book of Jazz Harmony</i> (Berklee Press, 2013) & Dariusz Terefenko, <i>Jazz Theory: From Basic to Advanced Study</i> (Routledge, 2014)
Joe Mulholland & Tom Hojnacki, The Berklee Book of Jazz Harmony (Berklee Press, 2013) & Dariusz Terefenko, Jazz Theory: From Basic to Advanced Study (Routledge, 2014)

For more about the books reviewed and cited in this article see:Dariusz Terefenko - Jazz Theory: From Basic to Advanced Study, 2nd Editi…

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